A Carlyle Suite


Manuscript | 29 pages | Grade (m) | Duration 35’

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  1. Aubade – “Here is dawning/Another blue day” (Carlyle)
  2. Souvenir de Salon (Jane Welsh Carlyle listens to Chopin): Introduction – Andante – Prelude alla mazurka – Alla strathspey – Andante (Polish folk carol) – Poco lento (Souvenir of Scots psalm Martyrs) Psalm and Mazurka combined – Postlude –
  3. Encore: Valse à deux temps
  4. Variations – Study in historical styles on Frederick the Great’s Theme [as used by Bach in A Musical Offering, 1747]: Maestoso barocco – Allegro rococo [with Alberti bass] – Allegro ardente, romantico – Modéré impressionistico – Recitative and March – 12-note expressionist – Calmo: sketch for new classicality!
  5. Jane Carlyle’s Wit: scherzino
  6. Serenade (referring to the Aubade
Commissioned by Dumfries & Galloway Arts Association to commemorate the bi-centenary of the birth of Thomas Carlyle in 1795. Recorded by Sheena Nicoll on Rhapsody – Lyric Music of Ronald Stevenson Dunelm Records DRD 0268
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