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Pavan after John Bull
Little Jazz Variations (on Purcell’s Scotch Tune )
Piano Concerto No. 2 (The Continents )



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Four Meditations (for string quartet)
Recitative and Air on DSCH (in Memoriam Shostakovich )
String Quartet (Voces Vagabundae )
Fantasy Quartet (Alma Alba) piano quartet
Pan-Celtic Wind Quintet (Early morning nocturne) Wind ensemble
Nocturne: Homage to John Field flute/ piano
Nocturne: Homage to John Field clarinet/ piano
Bergstimmung (Mountain Mood/Beann-Fhonn) horn/ piano
A Golden Song (A’e Gowden Lyric) violin/ piano
Recitative and Air on DSCH (in Memoriam Shostakovich) cello/ piano
Variations and Theme (The Bonnie Earl o’Moray ) cello/ piano
A Golden Song (A’e Gowden Lyric) violincello/ piano
The Harlot’s House (Dance Poem after Oscar Wilde) bass accordion and percussion



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Instrumental/ Piano transcriptions

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Instrumental/ Varied Instruments

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Voice and piano

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Diptych (The Source)
Liederbüchlein fur Regina Beate (Reinkarnation)
Border Boyhood (The joys I knew) tenor and piano
Hills of Home (Blows the wind today) baritone and piano
Songs from Factories and Fields (Black in the pit) bass-baritone and piano
The Infernal City
Four Vietnamese Miniatures (Song from prison) high voice with harp or piano
Nine Haiku
19 Songs of Innocence (Introduction: piping) mixed voices and piano
Calbharaigh (Calvary)
A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal
Two Songs to poems by Edgar Allen Poe (Annabel Lee) medium to high voice and piano
Two Songs to poems by Kathleen Raine (Triad)
Four Songs to poems by Christian Morgenstern (Stor’ nicht)
Eight Songs to poems by William Soutar (To the future)
Songs to poems by Hugh MacDiarmid (A’e gowden lyric)
The Gaelic Muse
The Last Trump
Traighean (Shores)
The Gangrel Fiddlerbaritone or mezzo-soprano, violin part



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